Frequently Asked Questions - For Providers

NeuroMend Infusion Center operates under a dual medical directorship, with psychiatrist, Garrett Ryder, M.D., and anesthesiologist, Trevor Peck, M.D., utilizing their respective specialties to offer cutting-edge treatment for our patients.

Multidisciplinary, multi-specialty team, business owned and operated by psychiatrists, medical psychologist, anasthesiologists, nurse practitioners. 

For more information download our Offerings Pricing of Policy and Procedures brochure. 

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We customize our services and only work with one to two select clients a month. 

We are more than just CRNA based or slanted.  We have a multi-disciplinary group offering from CRNA to Psychiatry to Anesthesiology to Medical Psychology to Nursing to entrepreneurship/business partners. 

All considered experts in their given fields of practice.  Our documents are editable to fit your needs. 

Our services are more diversified and we offer more than ketamine.  Micro-nutrient infusions and Spravato. 

Our material and operations are designed to fit all three of these service lines with more coming.

The first answer is YES! 

Seriously, it’s all determined on the front end.  But most of our clients call us weekly or monthly before they open. 

Almost all come for an on-sight visit and we stay in contact after they open. 

We are not a transaction minded organization.  We value the relationship and what we can each learn from it.

We can do it and have provided that service but each market and ownership group is different and staffed differently so it involves the operators no matter what. 

They have to be intermittently involved.  Most of our clients do their own and we challenge them and ask questions to improve upon it.

From not much to a lot. 

It really all depends on the model the business is deploying, where it is located and how it will be staffed. 

Rent alone can be a huge factor with many variables.

From as little as $20k to as much as $150k depending on many factors we can mitigate in the business planning phase.

Traditional referral sources and patient self-referrals that must be vetted properly through our “clinical appropriateness” protocols.  We don’t treat every patient that calls for an appointment.

Think of it like a cafeteria-style selection. 

We can customize any one’s needs.  Sometimes we refer to it as a “ketamine clinic in a box.”

We will consider partnerships and management agreements.

Jamie Holmes, MBA is the Managing Partner for NeuroMend.  He was born in Abbeville, Louisiana then raised and currently resides in Lafayette, Louisiana with his wife and three children.  He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. He also received his MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Management and is currently finishing up his last year for his MLAS (Master Leadership Arts and Sciences). 

As Chief Operating Officer and partner, Jamie Holmes managed all day to day operations for all businesses most of which included 23 Healthcare Imaging Centers across the country, multiple billing companies and multiple real estate holdings.  He also handled all major personnel-related issues and helped create the corporation's overall policies and procedures.  In addition, he guided the management team to create the necessary infrastructure for a growing business which included department development, organizational structures, job descriptions, marketing, and computer networking design and information system implementation.  He also assisted in the development of new locations, led its corporate compliance program, developed the managed care contracting program, and negotiated vendor contracts.   Finally, Mr. Holmes led the Executive team in some of its Mergers, Acquisitions, and all Start-Ups.

Due to his extensive knowledge in healthcare operations and his experience, he joined Heart of Hospice to provide executive oversight in 2011 as CEO and partner. His valuable insight and direction provided continued success and managed growth for JTT Management and Heart of Hospice until its sale in October of 2014. Jamie Holmes was an active board member of the Mark Graham Foundation which helped serve military families in need from 2007 through 2012.  His healthcare leadership experience includes over twenty years of success, of which eleven years he functioned as Chief Operating Officer for the national healthcare diagnostic imaging company and 3 and a half years as the CEO for Heart of Hospice before its sale.  He is currently a business consultant and organizational development coach for small to mid-size firms and an investor in YPS Anesthesia.