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IV Therapy Consulting


Our IV Therapy Consulting Division Was Established to Help Others

Inspired by the overall success of NeuroMend, our IV therapy consulting division was established to help others with the process of starting an IV therapy clinic or adding IV therapy to your existing clinic and achieving the success and satisfaction of helping those in need.


Consulting Services

Onsite and In-Person Consulting

Visit the offices of NeuroMend Infusion Center to observe our processes and participate in our operation.

With your permission, we will perform an on-site visit to your clinic to offer guidance in establishing a best-in-class operation.

Record Keeping

Learn the most efficient, cost-effective way to perform accounting for your clinic

Set up medical records for the patients in your clinic

Advice regarding payroll services should you ever have employees or 1099s

Payment Processing

Secure, reliable, and affordable credit card transaction processing.

Payment processing seamlessly integrated with your website; allow patients to pay for their infusions through an online portal.


Important direction regarding location, layout, and the type of office location that will make you most successful operationally and financially.

Advice for furnishing your office inexpensively, yet in a way that gives a highly professional appearance; connection to a mail-order supplier.

Insurance Consulting

Advice regarding professional liability & business insurance.


Schedule efficiently with a scheduling application to meet the need of your clinic.

Synchronize and automate your CRM and online calendar applications.

Logo Design and Branding

We will develop, with your input, a high-quality logo for your IV Therapy Clinic.

We will develop your brand and ensure that its integrity is maintained across all marketing touchpoints,  including your website and social media platforms.


Consulting Services


Digital Marketing

Website hosting, design, development & ongoing maintenance

Patient intake and payment processing platforms integrated with a website 

Search engine optimization (SEO) for the highest possible ranking in Google and other popular search engines

Social media marketing: Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter setup and ongoing management and maintenance

Content marketing: development of two high quality, keyword-rich blogs per month for six months, and one high-quality blog monthly thereafter

Design, development & broadcast of a monthly e-Newsletter


Patient Forms

You will be provided with all of the necessary forms for use in your clinic:

  • Consent form
  • Privacy policy
  • Cancellation policy
  • Referral form
  • HIPAA form
  • Medical history form

Forms are integrated with your website to allow online completion of the medical history form, privacy policy, and cancellation policy.

Consulting Forms

Treatment Protocols and Operations Manual

IV Therapy Infusion Protocols

Our IV therapy protocols, policies, procedures, and resources are created and approved by our medical directors. We stand behind our commitment to being an evidence-based center of excellence.  

IV Therapy Clinic Operation Manual

Through this research and protocol development, we have also developed a fully functional IV Therapy Clinic Operations Manual

Request Manual Here

IV Therapy Protocols and Manual

Vendors, Supplies, and Equipment

A comprehensive list of supplies needed to administer IV therapy in your office setting

Connection to medication suppliers to keep you stocked with IV nutrition and other necessary medications

Connection to equipment suppliers who will provide all administration equipment on an ongoing basis

Facilitate relationships with all vendors and suppliers to make ordering simple and stress-free



Everything You Need to Know
to Start an IV Therapy Clinic!

Let us help you create and develop your IV therapy clinic today! 

Contact Us Today!

What is Intravenous (IV) therapy?

Intravenous (IV) therapy is rapidly growing in popularity. In the past, IV therapy was used in complementary cancer care to enhance health for many years.

Currently, however, patients who are striving for wellness are using this form of therapy more than ever. Some people are looking for an infusion of energy, while others seek protection from viruses. IV therapy is safe, effective and restorative.

What is IV Therapy Nutrition?

IV nutrition is the administration of potent blends of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and nutrients designed to deliver dramatic results, far beyond those ingested orally.

Our provider can pick from a menu of vitamin therapy options to fit your needs in a comfortable and relaxing environment.



IV Therapy Drips


1.) Energy Boost

Burn fat, feel energized, and boost your metabolism.

  • Increases energy levels
  • Fights chronic fatigue
  • Fights effects of hangovers
  • Improves circulation and digestive issues

Daily life can lower your energy dramatically. Your body needs help to combat fatigue and difficulty concentrating.

energy boost

2.) Hydration

IV hydration helps speed up recovery and improves athletic performance.

  • Restores hydration
  • Re-balances body salts
  • Flushes out lactic acid
  • detoxification

Sport & fitness activity such as a marathon, triathlon, MMA, or CrossFit training generates lactic acid build up in your muscles and depletes your body's hydration.


3.) Performance & Recovery

Decrease recovery time & enhance your performance.

  • Enhance performance & lubricate joints
  • Energize & re-hydrate your body
  • Balance the levels of vitamins
  • Replenish amino acids
  • Restore electrolytes

The active and athletic lifestyle puts a strain on our muscles. Recover faster and enhance your overall fitness to achieve optimum output.

recovery and performance-1

4.) Immunity

Boost your immunity and feel better faster.

  • Prevent or fight infections
  • Common cold symptoms 
  • Seasonal allergies
  • Flu

Your immune system works harder than you think to deal with this, and it is important to support it as much as possible.


5.) IM Injections

  • Vitamin B12 - Energy, Sleep, Mood, Immune boost, Weight loss
  • B-Complex - Anxiety, Depression, Hormones, Focus
  • Glutathione - Anti-aging, Detox, Skin, Hair & Nails
  • CoQ10 - Energy, Cell growth, Immune boost, Anti-aging, Heart health
IM Injections

6.) Hangover Remedy

This infusion can be tailored to your symptoms. Ask about a reduced price for hydration only therapy.

  • Normal Saline
  • Glutathione*
  • B Complex
  • Antacid*
  • Anti-nausea*
  • Headache*

*Additional IM medication upon request for specific symptom relief


 See what IV nutrient therapy can do for you.

Schedule an IV Therapy consultation with one of our trusted sources.

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