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Ketamine Clinic Consulting

Why Are We Different?

Ketamine and IV Therapy Clinic Consulting



Business Owners

We are business owners experienced with successfully operating a vast number of health care businesses from small clinics to multi-state facilities managing hundreds of employees.

Clinical Expertise

We are a dedicated group of owners and providers that take pride in utilizing our clinical expertise and entrepreneurial minds to show you exactly what you are missing to begin this venture.


We are an evidence-based center of excellence that want to set the standard by measuring our patients results and providing our past, current, and future patients as well as your future patients the best outcome possible.

Customizable Offerings

We deliver a product that gives you exactly what you are missing to start your ketamine and IV therapy clinic.


We want you to succeed and understand what it takes to get there. We enjoy taking the time selecting those that want to learn and fit our structure of providing the absolute best experience in building a successful business.


We understand that not everyone will work with us and many just want to be left alone to try and build this business in a very competitive market utilizing whatever they can scrounge up. These are not the clients we hope to work with.

Customized Services To Fit Your Needs

Every market provides a different opportunity and every operator will bring a different skill set to this industry. We want our services and offerings to be built around the key operators desired outcomes, market requirements, and the patient populations it serves.

With NeuroMend, you will not receive a blanket set of policies and procedure that may or may not fit your requirements. With us, you will receive what you need, after an extensive vetting process, giving you more high touch consulting than any other company providing a mass-produced product just to make money.

Customizable Pricing Structure

We do not provide you a product and simply walk away with a virtual handshake and maybe a good luck. We do not want clients that are simply looking for the easy route. We want those that understand getting into this business is not easy.

This is not your get rich quick side job and will require effort and a team that understands what it takes to grow a successful company.

Our customer focused packages are built on relationships with many experienced business owners that are energized by consulting and helping others grow businesses.


We are not built just for CRNA practices. 

We are also not built just for CRNA practices, but for all providers that want to understand business better.

Many of our clients, after on-site visits, tell us that our information has given them a much better understanding of the ins and outs of this very detailed business and how important and helpful our hands-on and purposefully specific approach is what makes us stand out from just the material we provide.


Everything You Need to Know
to Start a Ketamine and IV Therapy Clinic!

Let us help you create and develop your Ketamine and IV Therapy Infusion Clinic today! 

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