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We help ketamine and IV therapy clinics become fully-operational 

We have developed a business model that allows us to offer the most clinically researched and affordable ketamine infusions in the US, without sacrificing the comfort of our patients or the quality of our services. 

Our unique and integrated approach to operations and marketing enables ketamine and IV therapy providers to bring hope to those suffering from debilitating mental and physical conditions—while also establishing a successful business.


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The staff from AyaFusion Wellness Clinic now offer ketamine therapy as a viable treatment choice to relieve the suffering - their mission is to relieve suffering by supporting patients and bringing healing to all areas.


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Ketamine Consulting - Ayafusion
LOCATED In Northern Michigan at Gaylord

Northern Michigan Ketamine and Wellness, PLC

Northern Michigan Ketamine and Wellness, PLC

The team from Northern Michigan Ketamine and Wellness includes Board-Certified Anesthesiologists with over 45 years of combined experience - striving to provide a safe, patient-centered approach to help each individual achieve their path to wellness.


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Ketamine Consulting - Northern-Michigan
LOCATED AT Lafayette Louisiana

DRIP IV Therapies

dripiv - no letters-1

Drip IV offers a line of IV Nutrition in the Lafayette, Louisiana area. Drip IV offers IV Therapy including  NAD+, and therapies for energy boost, hydration, hangover remedy, performance and recovery, and immunity.


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Ketamine Consulting - Drip IV
LOCATED AT Edinburg Texas

Nova Vita Wellness

nova vita wellness logo - Neuromend Consulting Customers

Nova Vita Wellness is a specialized wellness infusion center, dedicated to the recovery, optimization, and integrity of physical and mental health through evidence-based advances in neuroscience.

Nova Vita Wellness is the first and only ketamine infusion center in the Rio Grande Valley


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nova vita wellness - Neuromend Consulting Customers
LOCATED In Sherman Oaks California

NeuroRelief Ketamine & Infusion Therapy

Neurorelief ketamine infusion

The team at NeuroRelief has been consistently rated as the best Ketamine Clinic in Los Angeles. NeuroRelief believes that each patient deserves an individualized treatment; tailored to their specific physiology. 


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NeuroRelief - Neuromend Consulting Customers
LOCATED AT Anchorage, Alaska

Birch Mountain

birch mountain

Birch Mountain is a team of anesthesia providers and consultants, aesthetics, and Ketamine infusions for depression, PTSD, and pain.

Birch Mountain is Alaska's first Ketamine infusion clinic.


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Birch Mountain - Neuromend Consulting Customers

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