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How Ketamine Relieves Depression | Neuromend I


How Ketamine Relieves Depression

Understanding the Relief Ketamine Provides

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  • Where’s the Relief?
  • How Long Does the Relief Last?
  • How We Can Help

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Ketamine Kicks Alcohol Cravings by Disrupting Associative Memories

While Intravenous Ketamine takes the lead in PTSD and depression treatment, recent research indicates IV Ketamine also treats addiction.

Specifically, alcohol consumption....

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Is Ketamine Treatment Covered By Health Insurance?

With many patients hearing about the success that Ketamine is having on Treatment Resistant Depression, they become really interested in figuring out the answer to the question:...

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NAD Infusions Are The Next Big Thing In Anti-Aging Medicine

With all the hype around anti-aging as of late, it is tough to overlook the obvious benefits of NAD+ and the role it plays in our Mitochondrial health and energy metabolism. Keep...